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Martini Filter Media


CSR Martini manufacture a range of highly efficient air filtration media for use in commercial air treatment systems that maintain a healthy and clean air environment free from airborne dust in all types of commercial buildings. Manufactured from hypoallergenic polyester, CSR Martini’s filtration media is proudly Australian Made and Owned

Download Martini Filter Media Data Sheet here


Vistex Cloths

CSR Martini manufacture a range of high performance cleaning clothes. Martini Vistex is available in a colour coded range to provide you with a hygienic cleaning system, helping to prevent cross contamination


Red – Toilets, Bathrooms, Utility Rooms

Blue – General Cleaning 

Green – Food Service, Preparation Areas

Yellow – Infections, Isolation Areas

White – Operating Theatres


Vistex cleaning cloths are recommended for hospitals, aged health care, hotels & motels, clubs, restaurants, hospitality, and food manufacturing

Download Vistex Data Sheet here


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