Our Approach

Every project we work on is a custom design, full of space specific innovations.

From concert halls to schools, we treat every project with the same respect. It’s what sets us apart – forming the structure of our incredibly detailed approach.

We don’t believe in sacrificing form over function. As craftsmen, we work for quality over quantity. Being industry leaders means that we always produce products that are beautiful in construction, good for the environment and innovative, proving it really is possible to have high-performing acoustics that look as good as they sound.

The Journey

Take a look below at the typical journey, when working with CSR Martini.

1. Understanding your acoustic needs

The most important part of enhancing the acoustics of a space is understanding the needs of the people using it most. Depending on location and customer preference, this can be done through a site visit or in-depth phone consultation.

2. Provide Supporting Data Sheets and SUIS

To ensure you have everything you need for your project we will supply you with: Fact and Data sheets and SUIS so you have everything at your fingertips.

The data sheets contain all the intricate details about the product, including: Intended use, specifications, performance, product properties, environmental impact etc.

This information is also available in our download section here.

3. Confirm that the solution meets your needs

This is final concept / spec check to make sure that our recommendations will meet the project requirements flawlessly. We are perfectionists at heart, which is why this step is crucial.

4. Provide test reports and environmental certifications

Prior to placing an order, we provide all the relevant environmental certifications for the acoustic products and materials being used. These can be used to gain approval from external parties if required.

5. Order placed

Paperwork completed. The order can now be placed.

6. Order delivered

Everything we produce is made to order. Lead times will vary by product type, production schedules, timelines etc. However, we pride ourselves on efficiency and transparency to ensure expectations are met and exceeded.

7. Technical support available whilst project is live

Answers to questions, milestones, technical support. All these things are provided with a personal account manager for the duration of the project. Available through email, phone and face to face – the team is here to support through your preferred channels of communication.

8. CSR ‘Rate Our Service’ survey email or SMS

On project completion or at time of delivery, you’ll receive a brief questionnaire about the experience of working with CSR Martini. These are incredibly important to us, as the feedback provides us with valuable insights on how our products perform and new areas to innovate in.

9. Aftercare warranty provided

This is the proof of just how high-performance and hardworking all our acoustic solutions are.
Depending on the product, the warranty is either 15 years or 70 years and will be issued for your records.

Our Product Stewardship Program allows our customers to return clean off cuts and any uncontaminated insulation to us for recycling. We also educate our contractors in the high reusability potential of CSR Martini insulation products.

10. Continued technical support if required

The team at CSR Martini will be a part of your journey once the project is completed. Even though you may never need any technical support, it’s important to know that you can reach out at anytime.

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