At CSR Martini, sound and innovation collide.

About Martini

Humble beginnings. Large ambitions. Auditory excellence.

These are the bones of what has built CSR Martini to the brand it is today.

Whether it be the offices of the big four banks, Iconic Australian landmarks, to the education facilities of our future, our mission and our purpose remains the same: to revolutionise the acoustic insulation industry, improve daily life by fusing science, sound and design, and becoming pioneers of sustainable building practices.

From our manufacturing processes to the final installation, people and environment continue to sit at the heart of our business. Walking into a space designed by CSR Martini is a transformative experience that cannot be described – only felt and heard. Instantly, the power of sound becomes clear. The beauty of science and aesthetics work in harmony as noise is reduced and the full spectrum of sound amplified. It feels like magic, but really this is what years of hard work and passion transform into.

Everyone in our CSR Martini family lives by the philosophy of sacrificing nothing, proving that it really is possible to create products that are high performing across form and function.

Refusing to cut corners may seem like a crazy move in a world that is constantly moving faster and becoming more demanding. But this is what sets us at CSR Martini apart. New products are only released when they are truly ready. Custom always means custom – one size will never fit all. And while innovation may or may not always be seen, it will always be heard.

Why us

For the love of sound, not noise.

You can genuinely feel, see, and hear the difference with CSR Martini products. Everything we create is balanced between science and design. This means our superior engineered noise control approach helps with minimisation and reduction of sound reverb where it matters most.

Our acoustic solutions absorb a huge spectrum of sound, including deeper bass frequencies below 250 Hz which are not measured on the NRC.

Investment in extensive acoustic testing offers you the assurance that comes with actual results rather than just opinions. Our products deliver exceptional performance and we have the results to prove it. This is done through either visual, semi-exposed or hidden acoustic treatments – custom designed for every space. Simply put, we stand the test of time, as well as the test of sound.


Using the science of sound to create a better world.

Innovation, craft and sustainability are at the heart of everything we produce. We exist for the love of sound and protection of a world that provides us endlessly beautiful things to hear.

To find out more about the importance of sustainability in our business, click here.


Designing a better sounding daily life.

At CSR Martini, we design environments through acoustics that transform the collective experiences of those within them.

Whether it be the spaces where we work, to the spaces where we learn and listen, we better daily life and wellbeing, advancing focus and enhancing learning by auditory enjoyment.

Enhancing life inside the walls, shouldn’t mean damaging the world outside of them. It’s why we’re committed to developing high performance, sustainable audio solutions.

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