Reverberation and Echo Reduction

The control of reverberated noise in spaces where people  work, relax, socialise  and learn is of critical importance. Reverberant spaces are not natural environments  for humans. Spending time in such spaces can have negative  impact on productivity, learning,  recuperation,  enjoyment and well-being.

Interior Design Finishes

Acoustic panels can add a designer inspired look at the same time as correcting poor acoustics in a space. Acoustic panels can be easily retrofitted into existing spaces.

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Commercial, Community, Healthcare & Education

Poor acoustics in buildings where people gather to work, learn and play can have negative impacts on productivity, learning, recuperation, enjoyment and general well-being.

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Public Spaces & Venues

Good acoustic design is critical in indoor sports and public halls, theatres, cinemas, and restaurants. Reverberated noise in such spaces can reach levels which negatively impact on our enjoyment and experience. The addition of sound absorptive panels and insulation is of utmost importance to ensure noise levels are maintained at comfortable levels. 

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Outdoor Environmental & Industrial Noise

Reverberation control is also required in industrial applications where absorption of machinery noise is required. Excessive noise can have implications for occupational health and safety.

Noise absorption can also be required in outdoor environmental applications such as absorbent noise barriers to reduce traffic noise on freeways, rooftop plant enclosures and tunnels.  

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HVAC & Filter Media

Other areas noise absorption is required is in HVAC air-conditioning ducts and mechanical plant.

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