Decorative acoustic wall treatment that absorb noise and is usable as a pinboard with a Velcro® surface. dECO Flex is a  flexible rolled product that can be mounted on plasterboard or plywood.


Used in high schools, primary schools, child care centres  to help children learn and in offices and public spaces such as libraries to facilate communication and the exchange of ideas.

Environmental Benefits & Credentials

CSR Martini has an environmental policy focused on producing environmentally neutral and recyclable products through sustainable manufacturing processes.

The dECO Series range of products are based on thermally-bonded polyester fibres, dECO Panel is manufactured with a minimum of 60% recycled fibre content from PET packaging such as empty drink bottles.

  • GreenTag Cert™ certified
  • Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Certified in accordance with ISO 14025 
  • Suitable for Green Star™ projects
  • No red list chemicals are present
  • No ozone-depleting gases are used during the manufacturing process
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) generated in the manufacturing process is classified as low (0.01 mg/m3)s
  • Safe, non-irritant, non-toxic, and non-allergenic
  • Products are 100% recyclable
  • High reuse potential

Maximum performance, minimal environmental impact.


Acoustic Performance

dECO Flex sound absorption in accordance with AS / ISO 354: 2006

Frequencies Direct Fix
125 0.05
250 0.10
500 0.30
1000 0.50
2000 0.75
4000 0.95
NRC 0.40

Tested by the Department of Mechanical Engineering at The University of Canterbury, Christchurch New Zealand and the University of Auckland Acoustics Testing Service

Fire Performance

Product Fire Tests
Test Performed AS1530.3 AS ISO 9705
7mm dECO Flex Ignitability Index = 0

Spread of Flame = 0

Evolved Index = 0

Smoke Developed Index = 4
Group 1
10mm dECO Flex Ignitability Index = 0

Spread of Flame = 0

Evolved Index = 0

Smoke Developed Index = 4
Group 1


Standard sizes

Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Standard Roll Lenght (m)*
7mm & 10mm 1220mm 25m
7mm & 10mm 1220mm 25m
7mm & 10mm 1220mm 50m
7mm & 10mm 1220mm 50m

Tolerance in sizes: thickness +/- 2mm; width +/- 5mm. *Please note that due to the nature of the manufacturing process, there is a 10% over or under supply. Other roll lengths available upon request. Minimum length 7m.

Captivate fabric range

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  • Wheat Wheat
  • Ice Ice
  • Summit Summit
  • Linen Linen
  • Granite Granite
  • Ocean Ocean
  • Nashi Pear Nashi Pear
  • Platinum Platinum
  • Sapphire Sapphire
  • Apple Apple
  • Ash Ash
  • Rosso Rosso
  • Moss Moss
  • Midnight Midnight
  • Eggplant Eggplant
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